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Losing and maintaining your ideal weight is not like quitting smoking.

Smoking has a defined end point: you don’t smoke anymore. But you can’t just stop eating. You can’t reduce calories forever and expect to stay the same weight, because your metabolism will adapt.

The only proven way to attain your ideal weight is with a buddy, augmented by a mentor who is familiar with the UdP process.

That’s why having a mentor is the single best investment you can make to ensure you reach your ideal weight. A mentor is a trained coach who has been through the UdP process and has the knowledge to guide you.

Mentoring is not just coaching or cheerleading. It must include accountability to be effective. The UdP is also ideal for working with a buddy, someone who is going through the process with you. You can travel the same path, but independently. This means you don’t have to eat the same foods, at the same time, or at the same calorie counts.

The UdP mentoring programs help you and your buddies truly understand the paradigm shift from how much you eat to why you eat, and from concentrating on losing weight, to effortlessly losing weight as a side effect of healthy habits.

Here are 2 options for online support and mentoring:

Option 1: Online buddy support with a UdP certified group mentor

With online buddy support you have encouragement from your peers, and the opportunity to learn from others going through the same process. You also have a UdP certified mentor for your group, so you have the advantages of a mentor at a very reasonable cost, along with accountability and support.

Option 2: Online buddy support with a one-on-one UdP certified mentor

Here you get private mentoring, along with online buddy support and encouragement from your group buddies and the group mentor. If you want the personal attention that only a dedicated mentor can provide, this is the plan for you.

Both options give you the multiplier advantage of groups. A supportive group will help you:

  • Feel a sense of community
  • Solve problems together
  • Share experiences so you can adopt ideas that work for you
  • Enjoy encouragement with cheerleading from your buddies.

Not sure which plan is best for you?

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