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Never gain weight again when you travel…with the effortless weight loss process you can do together

Does traveling wreak havoc with your weight and health goals?

I’m Dr. Michael Christensen, and as an international airline captain I cross the globe constantly. Many people I know in our industry struggle not to gain weight or to maintain their ideal weight.

Yet I was able to lose 25 pounds while traversing multiple countries and continents, and so was Larry, also an international pilot.

How did we do it? We followed the UdP™ or Ultimate diet Process, which I developed after continually losing and regaining the same 10-20 pounds.

In the past, before my physicals, I’d manage to lose enough weight to squeak by. But two weeks later I’d be back over that weight, with an added 5 pounds.

I realized that conventional diets don’t work and there had to be a better way – especially for travellers who have irregular eating and sleeping schedules.

That’s why I did a deep dive into the research, and wrote this book, based on the scientific evidence.

Whether you work in the airline industry or travel for business or pleasure, this is the only book that offers a solution to maintaining a healthy weight while on the road.


Praise for 2 Day Gift of Wellness

“This book clearly demonstrates the downfalls of most diets. I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off.”

-John Berish

“This gift will keep on giving for the rest of your life.”

— Debra Thomas, INHC, Author of What Did I Eat? Stop food reactions and find the right foods for you.

The 2 Day Gift of Wellness is not a diet book…

The 2 Day Gift of Wellness is not a diet book. In fact, I coined the phrase the UdP, or Ultimate diet Process (with a small “d”) because it’s not a diet at all. It’s a lifestyle that promotes health, with weight loss as a by-product.

And it’s based on what the science says, not on the latest fad diet popularized in the media.

Here’s the truth: if the first diet worked, why would you need a new one?

Most diets work in the short run because when you reduce the amount you eat, you lose weight – temporarily.

But you can’t keep it up, and sooner or later you slip back into your old habits. Then, BAM! The weight comes back with a vengeance.

Travelling is almost a magnet for attracting extra weight

Think of the stress you put on your body when you travel constantly.

You’re changing time zones so your circadian rhythm is messed up. You’re unable to schedule regular workouts, and find yourself trapped in an airplane or some foreign town. You end up eating when food is available, or out of boredom, exhaustion or loneliness.

So what’s the answer?

Wellness, with weight loss as a happy side-effect!

Eat this. Don’t eat that. 

With conventional diets you have to keep track of calories or points, or eat certain kinds of food.  That doesn’t work well for most people, but it’s even worse for business travellers and airline personnel. 

The beauty of the UdP is that you only count calories 2 days a week. I admit, those days talk a little planning. But the rest of the time you can eat anything you enjoy, as long as you do it mindfully. That simplifies your eating when you travel.

  • What if you could avoid gaining weight, and even lose weight while experiencing all the cuisines the world has to offer? 
  • What if you could fight off jet lag more effectively, and lose weight at a steady pace (if that’s your goal), while gaining energy, stamina and better sleep? 

Are you willing to give yourself the 2 day gift of wellness?

The 2 Day Gift of Wellness is based on 8 principles of wellness.

Each principle is important on its own, but the strength comes in combining them to make up the UdP.

The heart of the UdP system is the Triple R day: two days a week that you take for yourself to relax and reduce stress.

Reducing stress is vital to rejuvenating, as well as to losing weight, and maintaining your ideal weight once you reach it.

And no, there is no requirement to eat certain foods, or eliminate other foods from your life. When you learn the process of the UdP, you can eat whatever foods you enjoy.

Not exactly like the other diets you’ve tried, is it?

So what will you discover in the 2 Day Gift of Wellness?

  • Why “eat less, move more” doesn’t work, and what does instead. Page 26.
  • The secret “fat connection”, and why most of The Biggest Losers gained all the weight back. Page 27
  • A framework for healthy habits that are sustainable and give you results. Page 30.
  • The truth about exercise: does it help you lose weight? Page 101.
  • How a two-time cancer survivor lost weight after 20 years of failed weight loss efforts. Page 43.
  • How to get your mind and body to work together so your unconscious brain no longer sabotages your conscious efforts to lose weight. Page 24.
  • How to tell the difference between “feeling hungry” and “being hungry.” Page 50.
  • Why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, and what is more important. Page 51.
  • How to reduce stress and boost your wellness using the Triple R day at home, at work and even while travelling internationally. Page 59.
  • The mind/body/spirit connection to better health, and why missing even one component will sabotage your weight loss. Page 77.
  • A sneak peek at one woman’s journal: what she ate, how she slept, and how she felt each day. You’ll relate to her trials and triumphs, which may be similar to your own. Page 82.
  • The power of working with buddies and mentors to optimize your success. Page 90.
  • Larry’s story: How a 57 year old international pilot lost 25 pounds, his heartburn and joint pain, and now enjoys increased stamina and wellbeing after following the UdP for 12 weeks. Page 113.
  • 3 Traps that cause pilots and business travels to gain weight, and how to overcome them. Page 117.
  • Your questions answered! From what to eat, to when to see your doctor, all your questions are answered here. Page 125.

Bonus Sections!

  • Excerpt on food allergies and intolerances, from Debora Thomas, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)
  • More than 100 open-ended questions that will inspire you to reflect on what’s most important to you
  • Triple R day sample menus, journal samples, and much more!


“For folks like me who travel internationally across many time zones, these tips for achieving UdP success on the road are invaluable.”

-Phil C, international airline pilot

“After my international trip I had lost almost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I think that is a good pace I can sustain long-term.”

– Larry C, international airline pilot

“I’ve told my patients that weight loss isn’t just eating healthier food and being fit. It’s a conscious effort to retool the way you live your life. That’s why this book is such as gift to anyone who wants to get well and stay well.”

– Joseph Patrick Santiago, MD

“2 Day Gift of Wellness is a must for every person whose life involves focus on health and exceptional well-being. I predict this book will become an important resource to those interested in a happy, healthy, and well-balanced life.”

– Michael J Vandermark, PhD
President, Vandermark and Associates, Inc.
Author of Life’s Wake-up Call: the Content to Process Shift

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