Valentine’s Day…mmm! What springs to mind…flowers, chocolates, and special moments with your loved one?

But if one or both of you is weight conscious, or still trying to lose extra holiday pounds, consuming a box of chocolate may not be just what you need right now – however satisfying in the moment.

So how do you graciously step back from the box, without offending your sweetie?

Here’s an idea: create wellness together.

You see, most things in life are better in pairs: salt and pepper, Lucy and Ricky, Batman and Robin, Micky Mouse & Minnie Mouse, movies and popcorn….the list goes on.

Why? Because being with a buddy, friend, partner, side kick, companion, coach, mentor ─ whoever you choose ─ makes anything more doable and enjoyable.

There is plenty of research on the benefits of having a buddy or coach. In one case, an obese woman directly contributed her success to her sister and her coach (Stelter, 2015). She hired a coach because she was so tired of dieting on her own. Her weight loss was good, but imagine the success if she had multiple buddies on a system that didn’t focus on weight loss but on getting healthier? (2 Day Gift of Wellness, P. 95)

How buddies, mentors and partners can help you lose weight


Reaching your ideal weight isn’t like other issues. For instance, if you want to quit smoking, all you have to do is stop. I know that’s simplifying the issue, because there is an actual chemical, social and habitual addiction with smoking tobacco. But you know when you’ve completed a task, because you’ve stopped smoking.

Losing weight and maintaining your ideal weight are different because you can’t stop eating. You can change what you eat and you can use a process like the UdP, but you have to eat.

Not only that, but years of yo-yo dieting put your desire to lose weight at odds with your body wanting to protect itself…especially when that box of chocolates is calling your name.

So how can a friend, buddy, partner or mentor help you on Valentine’s Day?

1. If your partner has bought you chocolates in the past and you think you might be tempted if you receive them again, you can nicely suggest ahead of time that you’d prefer something else this time…flowers, a movie, time together taking a walk in the park?

2. If you get the chocolates and want to eat them, indulge in moderation, as long as it’s not on our Triple R day (find out more by downloading 2 free chapters of 2 Day Gift of Wellness).

3. Share them with friends and family members, so you don’t devour the whole box on your own and sabotage your weight-loss efforts.

4. Work with your buddy to find strategies to cope when you feel like you can’t resist foods that you know are not good for you.

The most important thing is to find someone you can be accountable to, and who shares your journey. That’s the great part of the UdP (Ultimate diet Process).

You can do it together and support each other, yet each be on your own path, eating the foods you choose.

There’s no question about it….doing it together makes everything that much sweeter!

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Your co-pilot to wellness,
Dr. Michael

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