Yes, get fat. No, I didn’t buy the wrong vowel on “wheel of fortune.” Sure, I’d like to be fit as well, but my goal for February is to get fat. I see your eyes rolling; classic underachiever. It’s like when my wife asks me what my goal for today is, I say, “to wake up”. In the words of my surfer friends from high school, “dude, you’re already there… Coooool!”

In my own defense, no one who knows me would call me an under achiever (DM, Author, Boeing777 Captain, USAF Major (retired), Senior Class President, Biggest Flirt, etc). It really is a matter of perspective. Waking up (before noon) was a goal I set for my kids. I’d ask my 95 year old grandfather what his goal for tomorrow was, and yep, he’d say “waking up.” Most of us will not make that goal at 95.

But I digress, why is my goal to get fat? It all started when I was doing research for my new book, 2 Day Gift of Wellness: An Effortless Weight Loss Process You Can do Together (available on or my website I did a deep dive into weight loss, because after decades of dieting using countless “Fad diets,” my weight chart continued to show an upward trend.

I knew the current fad diets don’t wDiets Don't workork. I knew the conventional wisdom wasn’t so smart. The proof? No one over 20 years old has ever been on just one diet. If the first diet worked, the entire $670,000,000.00 weight loss industry would collapse. But it’s going stronger than ever! The industry knows diets don’t work in the long run.

During my deep dive in weight loss journals, I noticed a new trend. Instead of calling their subjects obese, as they had in years past, they called them over-fat. I first wrote this off as politically correct nonsense, but have since embraced the term.

My daughter used to say “fat is flavor.” And it’s true, our body craves fat. That’s because fat is energy, almost pure energy. What’s more, the fat our body has made from what we ate is our body’s best energy source. So, fat is good.

I saw a meme online that had the tag line, “I wish I was as fat as I was when I first thought I was fat.” That would be before my first diet, the first time I thought I was fat. Dieting is one of the best indicator of future obesity (I mean over fatness). Research of identical twins has shown that if one twin has dieted and another has not, the one who dieted is much more likely to become obese. Same genetics, different results.

The reasons are explained in my book, but basically storing fat is the body’s defense mechanism for combating stress. The stress can be mental, physical, psychological, or even the stress of dieting. So, my book has 8 principles of wellness that has weight loss as a side effect. The goal is to get well, not lose weight. Weight is a data point that gives us a glimpse of the stresses we put our body under.

Since most of us are over stressed, we are over fat. If you do my eight principles, you relieve the body of stress and start moving towards your ideal weight, BASED on what your body thinks is the correct amount of fat to store. You can override your body – short term – the with mental and physical stress of binge dieting or binge exercise, but eventually the body will re-store the fat and add a few pounds because it’s wise to your dieting ways. This is why one twin gets over fat while the other is “right sized.” Right sized is neither over fat or under fat.

So, for February, my goal is to get fat. Not over fat or under fat, just right size fat. When that occurs, I’ll be at my optimum weight and optimum fitness. I’ll also be at my “optimum fatness.” And that’s awesome!

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